As a professional photographer I highly recommend using Hegu acupressure rings. Often I am exposed to alternating lighting conditions which cause headaches, and in some extreme cases, migraine headaches. I first started using Hegu acupressure rings after a particularly challenging photo shoot using strobe flash. After the shoot was finished, I returned to my home studio to finalize a time sensitive edit. I was staring at my bright iMac monitor when the migraine struck. I soon found myself unable to continue working. I tried taking my standard remedy, a few aspirin, but it wasn’t working, or at least it wasn’t working fast enough. That’s when I decided to open the little blue box that had been sitting next to my computer for the last few weeks. I was skeptical at first, but I was also quite desperate. After about ten minutes, I felt a sudden release in the area of my head that had been experiencing pain. The release felt similar to dipping my head into a cool, refreshing pool of water. The rings were even easy to use while I typed on the keyboard and moved the computer mouse. It allowed me to function and finish the workday so that I could meet my deadline stress free. Ever since, I have discovered multiple uses for Hegu acupressure rings in my profession. It’s the perfect solution for days that I just don’t have time to focus on my own needs, such as a couples wedding or major event. The rings are easily stored in my pocket and can be used inconspicuously whenever I need them. I’ve been sharing my success story with friends and family as much as possible. To anyone who’s skeptical, just give it a try for yourself. It’s in inexpensive, fast, and simple way to manage headaches and migraines.

Kristen G.

Admittedly, I was skeptical before trying Hegu acupressure rings.  I felt that, even with regards to over the counter medications, there is just not much pain relief for headaches.  But wow, I was wrong!  Hegu works!  I was astonished how quickly I felt relief after putting on Hegu acupressure rings.  I was impressed with the speed with which it worked and its ability to stay put.  This natural practice provides more pain relief than medication.

Kate N.

After receiving Hegu acupressure rings, I was eager to try them to see if they really worked on my headaches.  A few days later, I felt a headache coming on and thought, “uh oh, if this is a bad one I’m going to have to go lie down and lose a few hours of the day.”  I put the pair on and went about my business expecting to not feel any relief.  Within about 15020 minutes, I realized that not only was my headache not getting worse…it was gone.  I couldn’t believe it.  No pain.  No drugs.  Just relief.  I thought my afternoon would be lost but instead, I was able to help the kids with their homework and get dinner on the table.  Amazing.  Thanks, Mary Jane!  Good work!

Maggie T.

The best part about Hegu acupressure rings is the near instant relief they provide.

Norah S.

I woke up at 1am with a headache and reached for the Hegu.  Within 20 min. my symptoms decreased and my body was more relaxed.

Jill D.

Overall, I found them very easy to use and being able to go about my routine with Hegu acupressure rings on.  When putting them on, they would fall out at the beginning (when adjusting them).  But once on, they would stay on.

Michelle S.

I don’t suffer from headaches often, but I was intrigued by this product and wanted to give it a try.  I found Hegu acupressure rings to be very relaxing, and a nice way to wind down with a cup of tea!  Hegu makes me be deliberate about relaxing, breathing, and focusing on my own well being, and for that I think it is a great product!!  Can’t wait to try it on a headache!!

Joanna S.

I’ve never liked taking pills and am happy to have Hegu acupressure rings as a safe, effective alternative for relieving headaches.  And I find Hegu works to ease stress as well!

Libbey P.

I generally do not suffer from headaches so the majority of my use has been for relaxation.  When placing Hegu rings on the appropriate hand and foot locations, I felt a sensation similar to that of a “let-down” after an adrenalin rush (after about 10 min. of wearing)…my body gradually began to relax after this.

Amy M.