The function of Hegu acupressure rings is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has been used continuously for millennia. It is based on the understanding that we have vital energy, or Qi, that travels throughout our bodies along pathways called meridians.

When this energy is flowing freely, we experience health and well-being. It is when this energy stagnates that we experience dis-ease and pain. The aim of acupressure is to remove energy blockages so that the body returns to a normal flow and can maintain wellness.

Hegu acupressure rings consists of two stainless steel rings that stimulate the point known as Hegu. Hegu is the “command” point of the head and face and is useful to relieve many types of head pain. While there are several points that can be used to treat head pain, Hegu is the “pain point” or anesthesia point of the body, and is the most effective and important point for pain anywhere in the head.

By using Hegu acupressure rings, you are choosing simple, pill free pain relief.


After you place one Hegu ring on each hand, open and close your hands. When you feel a dull “healing-ache” you will know it is working.

Please keep the rings on your hands for approximately 20 minutes. After you experience pain relief and have removed the rings, there may be circular marks left on the Hegu points. Those marks will disappear. Ideally, use Hegu acupressure rings while in a relaxed position (sitting/resting). However, daily activities can be conducted during use.